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Friday, May 19, 2006

More pictures! What do ya know, the weather improves and there's all sorts of stuff to take pictures of again!

This batch was taken in the early morning (between 7:00AM and roughly 10:00AM) on May 13, 2006 in Eldorado Canyon , an area above Boulder, Colorado. Colorado is a beautiful place to live and these pictures are just a few examples of why.

Artist shot! I like the way this one works with the broken off branch almost exactly lined up with the main trunk and the break. Posted by Picasa

Just a nice picture looking down into a valley.  Posted by Picasa

Close-up of a branch, probably a spruce of some variety.  Posted by Picasa

Nice close-up on pine cones still on the branch. Posted by Picasa

Blue sky and a contrail from a plane. Gotta love Colorado in the spring-time! Posted by Picasa

Artist shot! This was taken about 9:30AM sun shining through the branches of a tree; probably a pine of some variety. Posted by Picasa

Mother Nature will find a way. This is a fir tree growing rom a crevasse in a very large boulder. Posted by Picasa

Wow, water, in this blog what are the odds. Pretty water fall, not very fall up the canyon. Posted by Picasa

The same picture, but this time I've used a "filter" my sunglasses. Looks neat! Posted by Picasa

Close-up of the seed pods on a fir tree Posted by Picasa

No idea what the flower is, but it was growing up the side of the rock and makes a nifty shot. Posted by Picasa

Using my handy dandy "filter" still don't know what kind of flower this is. Posted by Picasa

Looking downstream Posted by Picasa